Monday, November 24, 2008

Ohio Secretary of State Brunner Responds

From: []
Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2008 12:08 PM
To: Secretary Brunner
Subject: We the People DEMAND that you uphold our Costitution and protect our rights!

Dear Secretary of State :

It is unthinkable that someone can be elected to the Presidency of the US when so many questions have remained unanswered.

Why has Barack Obama not been required to prove that he is a natural born citizen ? All the information out there presents that he is not a natural born citizen. We want his long form BC, his College records, his Oath of Allegiance, and all other information that proves he is a natural born citizen as he claims to be.

Certainly, his failure to provide this documentation to the courts, but instead to hire attorneys to avoid doing so should present a big red flag to everyone. He can very easily provide this information, put a stop to these accusations, and in the process bring the American people together to unite under his leadership. It would make political and practical sense for him to comply and put millions of American's fears of a Constitutional Crises at rest. YET, he refuses to do this.

We put you on notice, to protect us from this disaster. You should not certify the electoral votes until and unless these documentation's are presented and proved to be authentic.

It is a shame that we the people cannot have this matter resolved. It should have been resolved months ago. It wasn't because no one has demanded that he complies. Why would he not comply ? The only possible answer is that he has something to hide.

I would like a response to this letter as to why no one has standing to demand these documents from a court of law and why any Secretary of State in this Country would certify the votes of a candidate that has not proven his eligibility.



Good morning,

Thank you for emailing our office. However, please be advised that two separate lawsuits were filed in Ohio asserting identical issues to the issues raised in your email regarding the qualifications of Barack Obama to run for president. Neal v. Brunner, Wayne Common Pleas case# 08CV72726; Greenberg v. Brunner, Wood Common Pleas case# 08CV 1024.

Both lawsuits were dismissed because under Ohio law there is no mechanism for a person to challenge the qualifications of a presidential nominee certified to the Ohio ballot by a political party pursuant to R.C. 3505.10(B). Moreover, the courts indicated that the Secretary of State has no duty to investigate unsubstantiated information from the internet. Similar lawsuits have been summarily rejected in other states as well.


Sally E. Warren

Administrative Liaison
Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner
180 E. Broad Street - 16th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Fax: 614-485-7062

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