Sunday, November 9, 2008

Electors: Is an Electoral College or Court Challenge against Mr. Obama Justified?

This issue has only intensified because Mr. Obama will not allow anyone access to certified copies of his records. He has perpetuated this crisis and you as an Elector can demand that he clear it up before your independent vote is cast.

1) 20th Amendment identifies the Electoral College as the place & time to challenge a candidates credentials (age and citizenship).

2) Despite much public demand, Mr. Obama has not provided access to a classic birth Certificate that proves the actual place of birth (Web site “short form” version simply does not address this question – He must deliver the certified long form – (See the critical difference for yourself below)

3) Electors have a right to request credentials of a candidate in Court and also before the Electoral College with Congress as adjudicators.

4) Electors have a duty to the country over any pledge to the party to vote their conscience. Voter intimidation by the party is illegal. If you could not act independent then your “vote” would be just a sham rubber stamp. You must be certain without a doubt that the candidate meets the Natural born and age requirements.

The founding Fathers placed in the constitution restrictions on who could be the President and Commander in Chief. It was deemed wise to restrict that post to individuals natural born and without dual citizenships. The 20th amendment identified the time prior to inauguration for challenges to be made to the qualifications of Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.

In this missive, a clear unimpeachable argument is made that Barak Obama has yet to provide support for the proposition that he meets that constitutional bar and that as gatekeepers of the constitution, the Electors from each state have a moral and constitutional obligation to review this matter, obtain the evidence that would remove all doubt one way or the another and then and only then cast their Electoral Ballot for president.

Despite any pressure from your party officials to bundle your vote and cast en-mass, you have the right to know, and the right to cast that ballot as your conscience and the constitution demands. Country loyalty demands that this constitutional obligation take precedence over party loyally and party rules.

As it stands, no one, not even non-citizens are bared from the ballot. The Socialist Workers Party VP candidate Roger Calaro, for example, is a Nicaraguan having but a green card yet his name appears on many states ballots. This fact astounds most people. It turns out that no government agency is currently tasked with preventing such fraud or even identifying that fact to the unsuspecting voters; no, not the Secretaries of State nor the Federal Elections Commission FEC. The gatekeepers of the constitution are the voters and then the Electors as they weigh in at the Electoral College. Only Electors and candidates themselves can bring forward challenges and those challenges can be judged by the Courts or if brought up in the Electoral College, then Congress is the final judge, similar to an impeachment trial.

If you agree that you want to know – really know for sure before you cast your Electoral Vote, then join your name to a growing list of Electoral College Electors who will be represented in a suit filed with the Supreme Court and also with the Electoral College itself. You deserve to personally see the cards that Obama has to date held very close to his vest.

No reasonable man or woman can understand this challenge without acknowledging that reasonable even significant doubt exits. Here is the evidence to this qualification problem in a nutshell. Additional reading is contained in links.

The document on the left is what Mr. Obama displayed on a web site. It is a computer database printout which has none of the detail required to answer the question of actual place of birth. He displayed the kind of document Hawaiian residents can get for their foreign born children.

Click image to enlarge

Really, it’s that simple. Demand to see the good stuff, the real birth certificate or at least the documentation behind that nearly worthless Certification document. While some have argued about the web document’s authenticity, that question really is mute. Real or not it does not answer the question. That’s it! This is not rocket science and you do not need to be the forensic expert to see the problem.
Obama has not yet properly disclosed the one document that would remove all doubt, and properly vet him for the position he has pursued. He simply, has not yet done this.

You, however, are some of the few people on the planet that actually has the right, the power and the leverage to demand the answer. Join the growing list of Electors who will demand this question be answered before the college meets in December.

Is his birth location important though? Wasn’t at least his mother a US Citizen?

In 1961, as opposed to TODAY, Section 301(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended (INA) required the following: A child being born to one alien parent (i.e.. Non Citizen) and one citizen parent in a marital relationship, required that the sole US citizen parent to have resided in the United States for a period of ten years, five of which must have been over the age of 14. Today's version of the law has somewhat different residency requirements for the US citizen parent. But the law, as it applied on August 4, 1961, required ten years presence, five after the age of 14.

At the time of Barack Hussein Obama II's birth on August 4, 1961, Ms. Dunham was 18 years old, having been born in November of 1942. As such, if Barack Hussein Obama II was born outside the US or its Outlying Possessions, on August 4, 1961, then Ms. Dunham could not transmit her citizenship to her son because she failed to have accumulated the necessary physical presence requirements that the LAW (that pesky and inconvenient thing that oftentimes gets in the way of "change") demanded.

It's that simple. If he was born in Kenya, then he is not, nor can never be, eligible to hold the office of President of the United States of America inasmuch as he does not, nor never can, fulfill the requirements of Article II, Clause V of the Constitution of the United States. It's not an optional thing, regardless of whether or not someone thinks it's fair or not. It's the law, that pesky, recurring inconvenience that seems to get in the way, time and time again.

Now, the question remains to be answered if he was born in Kenya or not. The State of Hawaii has weighed in and states that there is a record of Mr. Obama's birth on file in the Department of Vital Statistics. However, THAT is not enough. Since there are two distinct birth documents issued by the State of Hawaii – which one do they have? They gave less detail than what the published document details.

Look. The facts and the law, are just that, the facts and the law. Wishing it wasn't so, being upset that the law is the way it was in 1961, wishing that people wouldn't bring that pesky inconvenient issue of the law, won't change a thing. Mr. Obama, like it or not, whether you think it's fair or not, if born outside the US, is NOT, nor never can be, eligible to hold the office of President of the United States.

What is troubling and frustrating is that Obama can, and has had the ability to do so for quite some time, resolve this matter by simply providing a certified copy of his authentic birth document. The only reason that is reasonable for his failure to do so is that he simply doesn't have a document that shows he was born in the US.

You as electors have the right and the obligation to the country to join hands and ask that this matter be put to rest that you can, in good conscience, vote uninhibited for the qualified candidate of your choice. Without your effort, this cloud of illegitimacy will hang unabated over the presidency. Join with us in demanding the answers. It is after all a simple question. We all deserve a simple answer.

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