Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DRAFT LETTER: Call for Pro Bono Lawyers to Assist Electors


Call for Pro Bono Lawyers to Assist Electors


Dear _____,

We are writing you to seek your help in what we regard as an important Constitutional issue: the legality of Senator Obama’s right to occupy the Presidency.

You are undoubtedly aware of the several Court skirmishes making their way through a dozen of our state Courts with one (from PA) currently being pursued up to the Supreme Court and for which a decision to hear it is to be made in several weeks. You may or may not have already formed an opinion on this matter. We represent an ad hoc group of Americans who have studied the issue in some detail and are convinced it is appropriate to pursue this matter further in order to support our Constitution, which appears to us as being seriously undercut on this issue and highly worthy of citizen support.

Here are a few brief factors relating to why we have come to this conclusion:

· In at least 3 Court Rulings to date, no substantive resolution concerning Senator Obama’s Presidential eligibility has been forthcoming. Despite misleading media/public statements to the contrary, adverse Court decisions ( including Judge Erlick’s, here in Washington State) have been based on non-substantive technicalities.

· In several Court suits, the Petition to the Court simply requested the Court to help make public Senator Obama’s legitimate birth papers. Nothing more. There was no need for a finding of guilt, merely a presentation of persuasive evidence.

· In PA, Judge Surrick ruled that the Plaintiff, an attorney and past Deputy Atty. General of that State had “no standing”, as merely a public citizen, to challenge this apparent violation of the Constitution. This strikes many laymen/citizens as an affront to our understanding of the roles and relationship between the People and their Government.

· Many researchers have pointed out the fallacy of the documentation proffered by Senator Obama, concerning “proof” of birth in Honolulu. However, there are several fundamental flaws with this so-called evidence, which we’d be happy to review in further detail, at your convenience.

· Moreover, we feel a very broad Constitutional issue is at stake and merits the effort of a strong defense of our foundational governance document.

In a post-election effort to strengthen our case, based on prior Court rulings, we are undertaking an effort to assemble a team of successful Electors who will stand behind this case to enhance its legal standing in Court. We are similarly undertaking to beef up our legal support. Our ad hoc Group is largely composed of non-attorneys and we suffer a disadvantage in our unskilled legal maneuverings in the judicial System. Accordingly we’re seeking your help and guidance. We have folks who will gladly help in compiling some of the facts, legal histories and administrative matters. So the effort you can supply could range from simple “guidance & consulting” all the way up to “total legal responsibility” for one of the several cases that we hope to launch across a spectrum of States. Of course, in the specific circumstances of Senator Obama, time is of the essence.

If you feel that Justice is receiving short shrift here and you would be willing to invest some time in behalf of this cause, please take a moment to contact any of those below, so we might further discuss a mutually beneficial alliance of some sort.

Very Sincerely,



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