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by Robert Quinn
posted November 9, 2009

Approximately 230 years ago the Revolutionary War began. When it ended, the United States of America was born. Liberty was proclaimed and laws were enacted under The Constitution of the United States. Today, that Constitutional liberty is sorely threatened because one aspirant for the office of President of the United States, Senator Barack Obama, remains silent while being challlenged, through an increasing number of lawsuits in various states, to confirm that he is, in fact, a natural-born citizen of the United States of America and eligible to seek the office of President. He has stone-walled all efforts to authenticate his proof of citizenship. If any readers of this letter are unaware of this legal crisis it is because the major media outlets make no mention of possible legal restrictions which could bar the Senator from seeking this office. In fact, on Oct.25, I wrote to Bill O'Reilly of Fox News in New York about the media silence ( incl.Fox) and, with tongue in cheek, asked if we would only be made aware of the lawsuits after judges had ruled on them.

Ironically, a few days before, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by the former Ass't Attorney General of Philadelphia, Pa., Mr.Philip Berg, by declaring that Mr.Berg did not prove that he would suffer harm to himself if Senator Obama was declared eligible to run for President. The next day, Newsday,Long Island,New York's major newspaper, mentioned this case for the first time by simply mentioning the Dismissal of the lawsuit. Mr. Berg is now taking this issue directly and immediately to the U.S.Supreme Court. I wonder if a class-action suit is in the works.

The most compelling issue in this case was the request for a valid copy of Senator Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate (not the differing "Cert.of Live Birth"), since claims were made that he was actually born in Mombasa,Kenya. Ominously, the Government of Kenya recently said that they will not release any documents pertaining to the Senator until the U.S. elections are over. Mr.Berg, in his lawsuit, also requested that a "certificate of USA citizenship" be produced, since Senator Obama was believed to have been a citizen of Indonesia for some time, under the name of Barry Soetoro.

Consider-a simple request to produce two valid documents, which Mr.Berg stated in his lawsuit would be sufficient for withdrawing the lawsuit. Now, three months later, the Senator still refuses to provide these documents for examination by Federal or State authorities....or anyone else ! Would an average citizen act in such a manner ? For that matter, should anyone seeking the highest office in the Land act this way ? On the contrary, and, in fact, I know of eight instances where average citizens have now instituted lawsuits to force their respective States to insist that Senator Obama either provide a valid birth certificate or see his name removed from the election ballots of those States.

I would also like to mention an "above average" citizen, Senator John McCain, who has served his Country bravely and faithfully since he was seventeen years of age. His valid citizenship, since he was born in the Canal Zone, has been confirmed by the U.S.Senate. He could, and would immediately produce a certified copy of his birth certificate, if requested. The only time that he couldn't comply with such a request was the five and one-half years he was "tied up" in Vietnam on Government business. In contrast, Senator Obama could easily obtain any existing valid birth certificate within forty-eight hours from Hawaiian authorities. Fast forward-eight lawsuits and one petition to the Supreme Court later and he still won't answer the three-am phonecall !


The more we seek to learn about Senator Obama, the more concerned about him we become. Asking for transparency, we are repaid with more secrecy. Here are some of the records which, it has been reported, he refuses to release:

Occidental College records
Columbia College records
Harvard College records
Selective Service Registration
Medical records
Illinois State Senate records
Cert.copy of Original Birth Certificate
Embossed signed paper Cert.of Live Birth

With all this secrecy, he expects us to accept his birth record as legitimate, solely on his word ! I've gone that route before but it was for Someone born in a manger over 2,000 years ago, in a little town called Bethlehem.


As I've said in previous letters, I am morally driven, not racially, to engage in this issue. All humanity is entitled to a "redress of grievances." Sadly, however, on the issue of life those in the womb are being excluded from this "right" by many, and a President Obama would swell the casualty list enormously ! He said that, as President, he would allow abortions to be performed throughtout the entire nine months of a pregnancy and would even take this position to the ultimate end: if any child survived an abortion attempt and lived to exit it's mother's womb the Obama Party would allow the child to die, if the mother so wished !

We keep hearing the "antiseptic" phrase "fewer and safer abortions", while closing in on 50,000,000 (that's millions). I have two questions: First, how can permitting more abortions result in fewer abortions. Am I doing the math wrong. Secondly, a "safe" abortion, to be honest, means only one person will exit the hospital alive. Why not re-term it a "half-safe" abortion ? For that matter, drawing from the world of credit cards I would offer an added definition of abortion-IDENTITY THEFT !

To my fellow Catholics, and all others who honestly believe their genuine concerns about financial conditions, war, the environment, etc. equate with abortion I offer a simple reflection for them. Imagine Senator Obama,(who has promised to make abortion the "Law of the Land", from shore to shore), at a rally and being asked by one of his many cheering fans to describe what actually happens to a child during an abortion "procedure". I guarantee that if he dared to answer the request truthfully, the cheers he had been hearing would become tears and sobs would soon echo throughout an empty stadium.

In conclusion, may I point out that, as with my recent letters, I did not speak of issues such as taxes, health insurance,etc., because I was not stepping into the political arena. Senator Obama, however, plunged into the arena of morality and his defenseless targets, the unborn, need our voices before their's are silenced forever.
I am not voting for a political party but for someone who will insure that the unborn's date of birth doesn't immediately become their date of death ! I pray that all those receiving this letter join with me on Nov.4 "pulling" for life-literally.

"Before I formed thee in the womb of thy mother, I knew thee." (Jeremias 1:5)
With prayerful hope and trust,

Robert Quinn
69-11 67th Place,Glendale,New York 11385

PS;Mr.Philip Berg has steadfastly, at his own expense, pursued this lawsuit right up to the U.S.Supreme Court. If anyone would like to help him financially he would be most appreciative. His address is:

Philip J.Berg,Esquire
555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12
Lafayette Hill,Pa. 19444-2531

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