Friday, December 5, 2008

Time to write To CNN

Sarah wrote:

Time to write To CNN (I always appreciate your opinion, folks, but I am not someone's secretary, so when you do write, don't write to me on what you should write to CNN....

he he he, as I already know they are wrong; sorry I am not a vent machine, nor do I know why they make the errors, I can guess, but directyour main comments to CNN and tell them how they don't have it correct; one email it will take you less than 5 minutes)

.... also tell them to show the vault copy CNN must have to make these comments, since they must have seen it and had it examined by forensic specialist!....did you see it CNN??

Here are my thoughts, and below Doug's, so glean from what you wish and blast them some nice emails, and a lot of them!

Use the word ALLEGED CNN, as you think you know something, but you are simply following the "piped piper mentality"...MSM still is holding the truth hostage! Despicable journalism, but it at least is pointing the people to the SCOTUS, and they (the judges) will have to tell the MSM the truth on their decision!

[Did all note that OJ Simpson's sentencing was on the same day as the Denofrio's the press goes where? What a news tactic!]

After you listen to this...see Doug's email to see also some information you can glean from to form your email....Go GET 'EM...make those journalism's accountable, or sorry!

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